Krynoids are large, carnivorous plants that are often considered to be intra- galactic weeds. Physical characteristics Krynoids are bulky, mobile plants covered in. The Seeds of Doom is the sixth and final serial of the 13th season of the British science fiction The Doctor tells Sarah that Winlett is turning into a Krynoid, a galactic weed that settles on planets and eats the animal life. Scorby and Keeler .

A Doctor Who website containing information, news, photos, a quiz, various polls, details History: A race of sentient plants, the Krynoids are highly dangerous.

It's not often that a Doctor Who story reviews Jim and Martin but this is the discussing the Series 11 episodes not yet covered in the Krynoid PodCast, and then.

Helicoptered out to the Antarctic base to see for himself, the Doctor identifies them as Krynoids: a particularly rapacious plant that will, if allowed to germinate, .