The Messages app got a brand new look in iOS 7 and with that came some new features. One of them is the ability to view timestamps for every. I have the newest version of iOS 11 on an iPhone SE. I am having no luck figuring our what time text messages were sent or received. Is there.

I know I can swipe left and see the timestamps, but they go away as and using some tweak that allows for that in the Messages app.) share.

To all of you saying no after ios7 came out in august/sept you're wrong. There is a perm enact time stamp you just can't see it. You have to.

Easily show a timestamp for an individual text message or iMessage in the Messages app with a simple drag from right to left.

It is easy to reveal the hidden Timestamp for all iMessages on your iPhone and see the time when messages were sent and received on your iPhone. Timestamps used to appear at the top of each text message on your iPhone. However, the old timestamps haven't disappeared; they're just. Starting with iOS 7, Apple has added the ability to see the time stamp of every message sent and received through iMessage or regular text.

The Messages app for iOS now gives everyone the ability to see time stamps for any sent message or received message directly in the app.

In previous versions of iOS, the date and time stamps of iMessages you sent and you can, in fact, see a time stamp for every message in the Messages app.