They almost kiss by the end of episode 2 season 1 but Andy backs out at the last As Sam leaves to turn the TV off, Andy recieves a call from Luke but does not For the first couple of episodes in Season 4 Andy tries to win Sam back but in. Sep 15, The first in my Beautiful Moments Series. I do not own Rookie Blue, Sam or Andy for that matter. The first kiss was an accident. Sam was there for her through Luke and she was there when Sarah had a relapse and had.

The first season of the Canadian police drama Rookie Blue began airing on June 24, with Missy Peregrym as Officer Andy McNally; Gregory Smith as Officer Dov Epstein Andy and they nearly kiss only Andy stops because it is her first week and she . McNally is assigned with Swarek to do a prisoner transport.

Aug 28, TVLINE | When do you think Nick started falling for Andy? .. I thought they'd moved past the tension after Holly kissed Gail at the . Nick is cute, but there has been chemistry between Andy and Sam since the first episode. Sep 8, TVLINE | With the episode where Sam and Andy first slept together, did .. Gail never should have kissed Dov and Chris and Gail would still be. Jun 24, 'Rookie Blue' Season 4 Spoilers: Andy and Nick Kiss Despite Her Rekindling With Sam? After walking in on Sam (Ben Bass) and Marlo kissing in the precinct's break room in the first episode, Andy was determined to Sam says in the beginning of the clip, "If you don't know me, I don't know who does.

Aug 28, But first, some of 15's finest are called in to deal with an Andy is having trouble dealing with the Marlo-Sam-baby dynamic that has taken over He offers to meet up with her later, but not before giving her a passionate kiss.